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  • How to Read a Book

    How to Read a Book

    Are you a reader? A good reader? Do you want to be one? The last one is a rhetorical question, and I know you want to be a good reader. How to read a book, by Mortimer J. Adler and Charles Doren, is a classic book that is likely to take one’s reading skills and […]CONTINUE READING »
  • Thinking from First Principles

    Thinking from First Principles

    Thinking is not an easy endeavor. It is demanding and as such needs skills. Thinking from first principles is one of the most fundamental concepts I have known recently. Thinking from first principles involves asking a series of ‘whys’ to boil a given problem down to its irreducibly fundamental units.CONTINUE READING »
  • Cognitive Biases

    Cognitive Biases

    Economists often assume human beings are rational and they make choices and decisions that are in their best interest under a given set of constraints and information. Other breeds of economists, behavioral economists, have discovered that people are, in reality, far from being rational. They are subject to cognitive biases. Recognizing this has tremendous effect […]CONTINUE READING »
  • Meskel, my best omen

    Meskel, my best omen

    It is Saturday morning, and I woke up earlier than I am used to. For my morning dopamine, I grabbed my phone and scrolled down my social media feeds a dozen times. Almost everything is exclusively about the colorful celebration of Meskel in Ethiopia. I am not sad but I am not happy either. I […]CONTINUE READING »
  • On New Year’s Resolution

    On New Year’s Resolution

    As Ethiopia sees off the ‘Old’ and welcomes the ‘New Year’, it may be common among many to plan to change their lives in one way or another. I sometimes wonder if there is such a thing as ‘old’ or ‘new’ a time slot, i.e. what is essentially ‘new’ in a New Year? What makes […]CONTINUE READING »
  • Open-air Econ Lab

    Open-air Econ Lab

    One of the most exciting experiences I got during my PhD study is the field work I had in Ethiopia in 2016. I call it the 'open-air lab' as it was, functionally, a laboratory. I will write the full story of the field work.CONTINUE READING »