Room7 is a platform where I share my thoughts through blog posts and stories in a podcast. When I started to have a growing passion for podcasting, I thought of many possible names for the platform I was going to create. Room7 stood out.

Room7 has both literal and metaphorical meanings to me. Literally, it is the name of a classroom in Kalamino Special High School where my friends and I used to study during weekends and evenings. I remember spending most of my days in Room7 when we were preparing for national examinations. Metaphorically, Room7 symbolizes a thorough study including an out-of-the-box thinking. It also represents the need for and power of reflection, the uninterrupted attention necessary to grasp a topic, a concept, an idea. It remains a constant reminder, to my personally, of the stages of learning. Room7 is where hard work meets creativity; where boundaries are pushed and new ways of doing something challenging are tested. It was a place for extra-curricular exercise of the mind.

I bring that spirit in this platform. More importantly, I bring Kalamino alumni as guests in Room7 podcast and go on a tour of ideas, stories, memories and plans in each episode. Room7 is all about seeking, getting and sharing knowledge.

I have organized Room7 in two ways: Room7 Blog and Room7 Podcast.

Room7 Blog

In the blog section of Room7, I write about various socioeconomic, philosophical and psychological issues. You find my opinions on various matters I see them at the time I write about them. It doesn't necessarily mean I hold those views all the time. As student of the happenstances in life myself, I don't intend to illuminate others more than I venture to see new ways of looking at thins for myself. I hope that I will create a 'positive externality', to use an economics jargon, among the Room7 community.

Check out my latest blog posts in this page.

Room7 Podcast

It may sound a cliche, but we live in an interesting hour of human history. Since a few minutes ago, we created technology that is recreating us, albeit inadvertently. I don't remember the first time I heard about podcasting, but it was not far. I don't remember how many episodes of some my favorite podcasters I have watched or listened to. No sooner did I become gripped by the passion to host a podcast myself than I was highly influenced by the many powerful insights I learned by following others' podcasts.

In Room7, I present you my podcast in two flavors. One is my solo episodes on interesting books I read and ideas I learn. Another flavor, probably your most favorite, is long form discussions with Tegaru scholars on scientific ideas, theories, perspectives and how they can explain or solve some of the problems we have as a society. Since recently, i have been convinced that the solutions to most of the problems out society has are known. The most crucial question is more on the missing bridge between the problems and their solutions than it is about what the solutions are.

Take poverty, particularly hunger. The world knows how to produce surplus in agriculture. Our agricultural experts know how this is possible. There is, however, something missing. I will ask some of our top experts in different areas of science about these types of questions. Follow the latest episodes and show notes in the podcast page.